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Chittenango Homes …….Home of OZ!

Chittenango Homes are old and charming to new and modern, you can find any type of home and in a wide variety of nearby locations as well as in the village.  Chittenango NY is a wonderful, charming and quaint village on Chittenango Creek. Just a few miles out of town is Chittenango Falls State Park, what a magnificent waterfall!

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Chittenango Homes – Chittenango is a village which literally means “where the waters divide”. It is situated in Madison County in the Syracuse metro area. With an estimated population of 4876 when last taken in 2003, it is at an elevation of 453 feet. Basically, the construction of Erie Canal in 1825 was largely responsible for the growth of this village. The canal joins Buffalo with Albany. Though Chittenango was not on the waterway, the canal company constructed a canal, just north of the village, upon which it became a virtual canal town. Thus it brought expansion, growth and prosperity to the village, further leading to hotels, restaurants, inns, farms and factories.

The canal also serves as a good means of transport to the Hudson River through which boats could transport to the metropolis of Manhattan. Officially incorporated in 1842, the Chittenango had only about 1000 inhabitants, 180 houses, 3 churches, a large woolen factory, 1 flooring mill and a polytechnic institute in the name of Yates. Chittenango Bank was started in 1853 but could function only for one decade, later to be replaced by the First National Bank of Chittenango.

Chittenango Homes are close to the free library in Chittenango. To the east of Cazenovia lake, is situated the picturesque Chittenango falls lake park which is the main tourist attraction. Falling from a height of 167 feet, it cascades roughly over 400 million year old bedrock. Various kinds of activities are carried out in the park such as hiking, fishing, nature trail, a playground and picnic tables with pavilions. It is also famous for the endangered species- amber snail. Thousands of visitors come to the park every year for outdoor recreation facilities. The view of the fall from the top is breathtaking and there is a steep uphill trail through which the visitors can walk along, towards the top of the falls. There are several viewing spots there.

Of the various festivals of Chittenango, the most famous is the three day annual festival; called Oz-Stravaganza which celebrates the literary works of the author L. Frank Baum who was a Chittenango resident and owned several Chittenango homes. The festival is held during the first week of June and spanning a week, it consists of various events including a parade of many community groups. Interestingly, many actors from the film, “The Wizard of Oz” like Jerry Maren, Margaret Williams Pellegrini, Karl Slover and Meinhardt Raabe have been featured in this parade. The wizard of Oz theme continues even beyond the annual festival and is quite famous to be prefixed and suffixed with many businesses such as Oz Cream and Land of Oz, etc. Chittenango Homes and their owners are a part of this legacy!

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